Exhibition Conditions of Entry

Please read these Conditions of Entry as submission of work implies their acceptance

Conditions of Entry

To ensure work is accepted for exhibition, it is mandatory for entrants to help steward the show. The rota will be made up when artists deliver their work on Saturday, April 25. To avoid clashes, try to have several dates in mind. If you are not delivering your own work or have limited times when you can steward then please ring Barbara Allen before the show to arrange your stewarding times (01780 765 480 – not before April 17). Copies of the rota will be available at the Preview – if you need to change your duty slot, it is your responsibility to arrange an exchange with another steward.

Number of Entries
Up to four framed works may be entered for judging. An extra work may be submitted for the ‘Into The Light’ themed section of the exhibition. Browsers will again be available for original unframed works that are mounted, neatly covered with a plastic film and labelled on the front with artist’s name, title, medium and price. Prints must also indicate how they were produced (e.g. screen print or ink jet etc). These pictures will not be selected or catalogued. Normal commission is charged on sales.

Pictures will only be accepted for selection if they are properly and securely framed, with a cord tightly stretched across the back using D-rings or small screw eyes. Clip frames are not acceptable. Paintings without frames (ie. stretched canvases without nails or staples showing and
the painting continued at the sides) may be accepted if the selection committee agrees they meet the required standard. Conventional picture glass should be used for all glazed work.

Etchings, lino prints, screen prints and collographs are accepted as limited editions, carrying a description of the print process used. Machine-produced copies, such as giclee prints, will not be hung but may be placed in the browsers. Prints generated by the artist using a computer may be submitted for hanging provided the way the print was made is clearly shown on the label. Bearing in mind that we are not a photographic society, the committee has confidence that the exhibition selection committee will make the correct decision where photographic images are concerned.

Each entry must bear two labels. l One label must be stuck to the back of the picture and state title, medium, price, artist’s name, address and telephone number. The second label is used by the hanging team to identify work for the catalogue once it has been hung. It should be not less than 2”x3” and should show the title and artist’s name printed clearly. Attach it to the hanging wire on string or wool so that it shows below the picture when hung.

Sculpture labels
Please label sculptures underneath and also tie on an easily removable label.

For the selection process
To maintain entrant’s anonymity, any signature on your work should be covered with a removable strip of masking tape or similar.

Important notice: Certification
It is an explicit condition of WVAS exhibition entry and participation that each submission is the artist's own original unaided work and not copied, in whole or in part, from another work of art or photograph taken by a third party. Artists must also certify that the works have not been
exhibited previously at a WVAS exhibition.

The copyright of all work will be retained by the artist, but unless the artist indicates in writing otherwise, exhibited works may be photographed without fee for use by the Society or Press in connection with the exhibition.

Handling Fees
£2.00 for each work handed in. If more than two Not For Sale (NFS) pieces are submitted, a £5.00 handling fee is due for each such picture. A fee of £1.00 is payable for each browser entry. These fees, payable to The Welland Valley Art Society, should be sent with the entry form.

A commission of 15% will be charged on sales (either made directly by the artist or via a WVAS steward) paid for by cheque or cash. An extra 3% will be levied for credit card purchases transacted at the Arts Centre box office to cover the SKDC charge. Paintings cannot be collected before the end of the exhibition. Delivery arrangements are the responsibility of the artist and client.

Every possible care will be taken of works submitted, but neither the Society nor the Stamford Arts Centre Management will hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage. The gallery bar may be open at times we are unaware of and therefore not stewarded.

The Society does not have any storage space for members’ work so it is important that artists remove any pieces not displayed at the Preview (if not collected they will be left behind the stewarding desk) and remember to collect their work at the end of the exhibition.

For further information
contact David Cromack on 01733 566 815 or cromackd@gmail.com