Jackie Woods

The inspiration for my work is the environment outside.  I focus on just what it is that excites me in the landscape and then plan the design, composition and choice of colour palette to visually express this emotion.  My paintings are taken from sketches I have done on location, or photos I have taken then completed in the studio.  In addition, I will often start and finish complete paintings just on location.  

​I aim to capture a moment in time I have felt. The majority of my work is using soft chalky pastels.  I find that the physical act of creating a work connects me to the natural world, through the materials and techniques that I use. Soft pastels are made from chalk and natural pigment and I apply layers of matt colours over each other. 

I am a self taught artist. I started painting whilst bringing up a family, living abroad and working for many years as a specialist nurse. Since 2010 I have been able to commit much more time to my art which has brought me much joy and peace.

I undertake commissions and have exhibited and sold my work for many years. I have run workshops in watercolour, soft pastels and composition to art groups and small groups in my home.

I am happy to be contacted for commissions and tuition in soft pastels.