Justin Mackenzie

My sculptures are carved in wood, and of any image that seizes my imagination, and of any size that the wood allows.

The gift of wood is its intrinsic beauty. To get the best results, one works with the wood, not against it. Artists have achieved wonders in stone, but wood has warmth and flowing grain that enhances the shapes one creates. Even cross-grained wood, treated carefully and with respect, eventually gets over its bad mood, and reveals those entrancing whorls and flow that graced the pieces one has asked the wood to make.

The sculptor may take the wood out of the forest, but every piece of sculpture in wood brought into the house brings the spirit of the forest into the home. It is an elemental to which we all respond, even if subconsciously, a quiet balm that brings its own peace to vexed lives.

Telephone 07581 737854
E.mail mackenziejra@yahoo.com