Pamela Mairs

I have always been passionate about Art and Design, you could say it has been in my blood as my Grandfather Gerald Walby was an artist from Newcastle County Down. I found Art to be therapeutic, helping me to work through events in my life to improve my well-being. Throughout my Fine Art Degree and my final degree exhibition I created work that conceptually visualised my thoughts, feelings and ruminations of the past and current time which proved very cathartic.

For the last 22 years I have been teaching Art and Design, eager to pass on my love of Art to my students. During this time I continued to make Art but the outcomes were used for aiding teaching and learning purposes only.

Becoming a mother in 2006 and teaching part-time enabled me to return to Art were I started to try and regain some therapeutic me time. I find I can lose myself in the busyness of life, questioning what is life’s purpose? or what is my purpose? and this impacts on my well-being. I started to use my day off as a day for painting, prayer and worship. I pray that the outcome of this time will bear fruit in those who see them. We all have gifts and using them benefits everyone.