Philip Dawson

I am based in Rutland and love painting the great outdoors.

The rhythms and patterns of Nature never cease to amaze me. My work is inspired directly from her canvas.There is so much visual stimulus to be enjoyed, shared and cherished that I feel compelled to observe and interpret in paint. When looking at nature I rarely see the final picture – I gather information by looking for hints; colour, light quality and composition. I like to take liberties with the subject which can be risky. I strive to produce an engaging drama by taking colour as far as it will go. Exaggeration occurs as I paint. Serendipity plays a big part too, sometimes the outcome is more exciting that way although I don’t necessarily realise that at the time. A painting is never finished, it just comes to a stop, sometimes quite quickly. I always want to give my paintings a point of view – mine!

Drawing and painting have been important to me since childhood. I studied Graphic Design in the 1970’s and have had some great opportunities and wonderful times working in graphics and still do. Now I paint for painting’s sake. I love being out there witnessing it all and invite you to share in my excitement. May my paintings talk to you quietly.

I’m a member of the Leicester Society of Artists exhibiting at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery. I also exhibit in the Allman Gallery, Oakham, the Dotty Gallery, Twyford and Gallery Stamford in Stamford. I take part in Rutland Open Studios.